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How do I get my model number???


So I ended up finding a Canon Camera in the backseat of my car. Tried to find out who it was, contacted all my friends and posted it on Facebook, and no one claimed it. So I decided to give it to my roommate as she always wanted to get into photography.

It has no SD card or battery in it, and I have no idea how to find a replacement battery for it. The strap says EOS on it, and I looked up some of the numbers on the camera and it seemed like it was an EOS Rebel. I bought a battery on Amazon and it was too big for the battery slot. I see the serial number on it, but that's it.



If you look at the camera from the lens side, it is usually written on the upper side of the grip on the right side, but sometimes not.


Call Canon and give them the serial number that is stamped on the cameras body 1-800-652-2666




Can you post a photo? All Rebels I have ever seen say "Rebel" on the front someplace.  Non-USA Rebel do not have Rebel on them. Maybe it is a non-USA model.  If there isn't any markings on it, then someone did a lot of work to completely remove all traces.

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Rebel body cameras have the model in the area outlined in red.


North American models are called Rebels, usually followed by a number and sometimes also a letter, like T6s or T7. Rest of world outside of Japan use the XXXD format. Japanese models are called Kiss.


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