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Hola a todos



As it is possible that the latest firmware for the Canon 1D X is the 1.1.1 and the new units entregen with 1.1.2?
I'd like to know.


Greetings all.




Como es posible que el ultimo firmware de la Canon 1D X sea el 1.1.1 y en las nuevas unidades se entregen con el 1.1.2?

me gustaría saberlo.


Saludos a todos.



Does anyone know anything of this matter?

Welcome delpartal,


Your exact question isn't quite clear to me.  Perhaps something was lost in the translation.  Could you re-phrase it?

If of course, thanks for your interest. The official website of Canon Firmware 1.1.1 only talks, but the new camera sold the stores, bringing the firmware 1.1.2, I have not heard about it, I realized by accident while trying to pass configuration parameters my 1D X to a friend purchased the day before, but could not be said that the firmware was not compatible and I saw that the new camera home brings 1.1.2, but neither Canon nor anyone has spoken of this update, I know, that's my interest.

Thank you again.


PD. - By the way sorry for my English, which is very bad.

Many websites are neglected including those from big corporations. It must be it.


Yo diría que no han actualizado la información en el sitio web.



Hi Delpartal,
Current EOS 1D X cameras are shipping with firmware version 1.1.1, which was released on 18 October 2012.  Unfortunately, we don't have information regarding the availability of future firmware versions.

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Hi Richard,
What Departal is trying to say is that Canon is already distributing some 1Dx cameras with firmware 1.1.2 and he wanted to know the main differences in it.

Hi Benjamin_Mateos.

It's possible that firmware version 1.1.2 has been released in overseas markets.  It may resolve an issue such as a local language issue or something similar- this is only a guess, since we don't have access to this version.


Because the latest version released by Canon USA is version 1.1.1, I don't have information regarding any other version of firmware.  I wish I could give you a better answer.


Your inquiry had me thinking and I checked with Canon UK, and the latest version of firmware they report is 1.1.1, too ( ).


I hope this helps.



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