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High-power telephoto lens for Rebel T6i T7i


I was just wondering if anyone can please recommend a high-powered telephoto zoom lens that is compatible with the EOS Rebel T7i


I'm looking for something 400mm or higher for photographing the moon.


If possible I'm hoping to find one for under $500 but I know that might not be realistic.


Thanks for any help!


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" Phone rang in the middle of typing a reply."


Hmmm...Smiley Wink  Explains a lot !

FaceTime with the granddaughter.

Good pictures of her, I hope.

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" Phone rang in the middle of typing a reply."


Hmmm...Smiley Wink  Explains a lot !

FaceTime with the granddaughter.

Good pictures of her, I hope.

FaceTime is a feature on Apple products.  It is a live video chat.  She's 18 months old, and is at the all=purpose word stage.

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Wadizzle, what did they try to sell you? This has been an interesting thread with good info.

Canon EOS T7; EF-S 18-55mm IS; EF-S 28-135mm IS; EF 75-300mm; Sigma 150-600mm DG

That was back in 2017.

@ebiggs1 - thank you so much for taking the time to respond!


I really appreciate the info and had a feeling that my price-point was too low for what I want to do.


But you certainly nailed it on the recommendations. I Googled the Tamron / Sigma / Canon each along with the terms for the subjects I want to shoot with them, and the images that came up on the various photog discussion sites were exactly what I'm hoping to be able to achieve someday soon.


I also tried the same type or search terms with the cheap Bower that you mentioned, and while the images were somewhat acceptable they really lacked the detail and overall look that I want to achieve.


Looks like I need to start saving toward that $800 to get one of the nicer models you mentioned on the used market (you were right - found some for around $750).


As you can probably tell I'm just stepping into the "real camera" realm after way too many years of putting off my passion due to finances. I've simply reached the limits of what I can do with point & shoots / phone cams etc... and I'm thirsting to learn & do more. I'm in my late 40's so I guess that makes me a little late to the game, but no less enthused about it.


My Rebel T7i will be here any day and I cannot wait!


I also don't have a tripod yet and will surely need one with my somewhat shaky hands. I'm going to guess that a cheap $30 Amazon tripod isn't going to handle those big zoom lenses on the T7i, so it's time for me to research tripods now as well.


Based on your input so far, a realistic expectation for the zoom quality I want (used) plus a tripod I'm guessing is going to be in the $850 - $900 range total. Time to start socking those pennies away...


Thanks again for your replies!!


Again, BTW, if you do go for one of the super zooms in the 150-600mm range, you are talking a whopping 960mm on your Rebel.  This will almost surely necessitate a tripod for the absolute best shots.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!


Do you mean 400 mm equivalent to FF, or 400 mm actual?

@kvbarkley - I'm just learning, so I wasn't sure exactly how to respond to your question. All I really know is that I want to be able to take good quality detailed photos of subjects like the moon, and that it would require a zoom of 400mm or better to achieve.





Was taken with a 500 mm (actual) lens. On a FF camera it would take a lens of 800 mm to fill the frame the same.


A 400 mm (actual) lens will get you the same field of view on your rebel as a 640 mm lens would on a FF camera. If you were looking for a 400mm FF equivalent you could get buy with a 250 mm lens.


I am pretty sure you want a 400 mm (actual) lens though, longer is better.



I use a Tamron 150-600mm (version 1) and have had really good luck with it.  It can be used handheld, even at 600mm, but you'll need a fast shutter speed and a steady hand.  A tripod makes it easier and is always recommended at longer focal lengths.  This is a cropped bird shot I just took using its full 600mm handheld.  The Sigma is also very good, and it offers similar performance but is a bit heavier.