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Help on moiré and noise on videos


HI there,
I am new to videography with DSLR, I just bought a 700d to get myself on the learning track with both photos and videos.
Basically yesterday I went outside (as my aim is to make sports videos and travels) with the standard 18-55 lens aiming to try and learn the settings of my camera
After watching some tutorials I set up the camera as PAL 1920 x1080 25 fps / 1/50 / ISO 100 in sunny daylight. On camera was kind of ok, but once watched on my computer I noticed I was getting a lot of noise in my shadows, plus things like foliage, tiles, bricks, railings or any detailed pattern around were getting lots of moiré / aliasing effects.
I then noticed that these effects were less with a wide focal length, more with a closer one.

Following some tutorial suggestions I lowered the shutter speed to 1/40 and then to 1/30, then I went to set my picture scene to neutral and I lowered the sharpening at 0, same for contrast. Then I lowered just a bit the colors and saturation trying to obtain the flattest scene possible. As of the last thing I did put my WB in "sun" preset. The whole thing solved almost completely the moiré and but unfortunately, I could still see some aliasing here and there where the sun was hitting harder on roof or bricks in the background. The noise instead was still there in my shadow.

So I went testing the same scene with different f-stop (from 3.5 to 22) at different ISO (from 100 to 400) and even if it solved a bit at certain combinations, the noise and the aliasing were pretty much always there more or less.

Last thing last I repeated the whole test with my 50mm 1.8 and even if it was better, still was not smooth as it should be in my opinion.

Now, the questions I have are:
Is there anything I am missing, doing wrong?
Having the shutter speed that low could be a problem on fast moving (sports) scene / fast panning? If yes how can I address the issue without getting back the moiré / aliasing effect?
Are there any kind of antialiasing filters to help to solve the issue?
What can I do to reduce noise at maximum with my camera?

Anything you can suggest will be really appreciated, I would like to get the best out of this camera before considering anything different. Thanks a lot to anyone that will take the time to reply to this long post. 


I just logged on because I had noise questions video.

I pretty much never exceed an ISO of 100. And definitely nothing over 200. I shoot with Rokinon prime lenses and the 50mm (all decent, fast apertures). And I still get all kinds of noise in low light.

I shot some quick video of my fiancé in the doorway around dusk. I also shot a quick bit while at work under a street light. Still a bunch of noise. Is it the camera or what?

I would like to be able to shoot nice sharp night scenes that don’t involve me carrying lights around.

What am I doing wrong?

See, I’ve heard the opposite. The true mark of a good photographer or cinematographer is their ability create great footage no matter what gear they are using. A good photographer can take a “low-end” kit lens and create gold.

Obviously there are certain limitations when it comes to different lenses, cameras, etc of varying quality. But, as a rule, the gear is only one part of the formula. I’m no pro, but I’ve heard this mantra preached over and over again.

And it applies to other things as well. One of the bows that I use for hunting is maybe a couple hundred bucks...bare. But I put a $250.00 sight on it. I also have a $2,500.00 bow. And both are essentially useless if I don’t know how to tune and shoot them.

Now, if I can still piggyback off the OP, I have noticed some noise issues (slight, but enough to annoy me). And it’s probably something I’m doing wrong.
...or maybe it’s my “lower-end” camera. I don’t know.

I use Rokinon Cine lenses and the Rebel T5. Aside from adding light, what else Can I do to reduce noise?

As I mentioned before, I did some tests of my fiancé standing in the doorway as the sun was going down. I turned on the lamp on a table by the door in an attempt to introduce more light. I still had noise in the shirt she was wearing.

Aperture was wide open, ISO was only at 100, ss at 50. Even when I (think) I have my exposure pretty much nailed, I still see noise and (artifact?).
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