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Help! Pics lost on my card?


I usually format my cards before beginning to shoot. I forgot to do that just now, and I took some photos (thankfully, just nature shots.) I got home, put it in my card reader, and the photos aren't showing up on my laptop. Instead, photos I previously took on the card are on there (if it makes a difference, I shot those previous photos on my mark ii....and the nature shots tonight were on my new mark iii.) How can I see the nature photos?? (They show up when I put the card in my camera--but not on my computer.)


Thanks for any help!!



That’s a new one.  Normally I’d recommend card recovery software, but since they’re still showing up in camera I’d probably try to transfer them from camera to laptop first (through USB cable).  Alternately, you could try copying them to the other card slot in the 5d3.

How can I copy to the other card slot? Sounds like it may work.

It's in the playback menu under 'Image Copy'

Thank you for the great idea; that worked!!