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Help! Not sure what happened

Hi I have a Canon 750D which I love! I'm currently in Thailand and had to use an internet café to back up my photos online. Was no problem when doing it using their SD card reader.
However when I next went to use my camera both SD cards would not work and came up with the message 'cannot create folder'. I have accepted that these were probably corrupted on the shared computer and I can deal with that when I'm home.
The main problem is that now I have bought a brand new SD card (a micro in an adapter as that was all that was available and I didn't think it would matter) and for random photo's the camera says it 'cannot play back image'. This first occurred hours after I had first looked at the image on the camera so it worked fine at first and then hours later could not playback the image. This has happened numerous times since and it occurs on completely random images and always hours after they first worked.
I formatted the card before use. Not sure whether my camera is playing up (less than a year old and I really look after it) or maybe micro SD's in adapters aren't as reliable? Or could my camera somehow have got corrupted aswell? Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂


I wouldn´t use an adapter, but that´s maybe just me.

Did you low level format the card in your camera before using it?


When micro-SD cards are used with adapters, they are MOST unreliable.  The micro-SD cards should only be used with devices that use them directly, without any adapter.. 


Micro-SD cards are not recommneded for use with Canon DSLRs.  Look in your Instruction Manual for where it says what types of cards are recommended for use.  Note the absence of micro-SD cards from being mentioned as one of the types of cards.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Thank you guys I didn't low level format the card but hopefully when I get somewhere that sells regular sized SD cards my problem will be solved 🙂


It sounds like the reader in the Internet cafe computers have corrupted your card.  


You might be able to recover it by hitting the "low level" checkbox when you do a format (in your camera).  I don't have a 750D but for most camera models it's the "trash can" icon button that toggles the "low level" checkbox (visible when you're on the format screen.)


I concur about the use of a card reader adapter.  They're flakey ... hit & miss.  

Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da