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HELP w/EOS 5D Mark II Video Blue/Purple Hue in Shadows / High Contrast Areas


Hello all! I am having a problem I've not been able to find/name searching the web. As a result, I have not been able to find a solution: fixing on the camera/lens or in post processing. (Please see attached photos). Look at the dark areas on the wood grain. Note the blue hue. 

Camera: 5D MII (I am the original owner from new HA)

Lense: 50mm ES-71II

Video Settings: Neutral / 1/50 / F2.8 / ISO 250ish 

CARD: 32GB / 160mbs / 1066x (purchased specifically for video


Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me! 



Been about a week with no replies.... going to give this a shameless last ditch bump. 

Hey there! The 5D Mark II is no longer being serviced or supported by our team here at Canon USA. The "lens" you've referenced is actually a lens hood. You might want to double-check the face of the lens itself to see which lens you're using.

You might try to share additional images that aren't processed along with the EXIF data. It's also helpful to share RAW images, so we can see what might be going on. RAW files tend to be larger, so you might have to use a file-sharing service such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. 

No longer supported? HA. I'm just trying to figure out the issue with my shooting... likely has nothing to do with the camera. It's basically a new camera... never used professionally besides my own business. Concerning the lens... boy is my face red.... it's an EF 50mm 1:1.4 (the one that infamously stops working in in AF... then starts working again years later).... pretty sure you guys still sell it.  

The EF 50mm F/1.4 USM is still sold and supported by Canon. This lens uses Micro Motor USM NOT the high-end Ring Type USM AF motor. The 5D Mark II is NO longer supported by Canon and was discontinued years ago. Does this problem happen with other lenses too. Older film era lenses will show imperfections on a digital cameras. Such as purple or green fringing. They will also show Chromatic Aberrations. 


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Retired Gear: EOS 40D & Sigma 17-50mm F/2.8 EX DC OS HSM

Concerning the 50mm AF motor... good to know I should have spent more money HA. I understand the camera is 10 years old.... but, it's a classic. The only other lens I use for video is the EF 16-35mm F2.8 III USM.... just checked a few clips and no such discoloration as with the 50mm.



Are you shooting under mixed lighting conditions? Maybe a combo of daylight with LED or fluorescent or some other combination. Are you using any filters on the lens?

Usually shoot using mixed light... IE I try to use mostly ambient light from the windows, doors and bay doors. When I don't have enough light, I do turn on the overhead lights. I was using LED and switched them out for incandescent due to "banding" that I was experiencing shooting video. Both attached shots likely had mixed light with the majority of light being ambient.    

I missed this post all together.  Was busy 5/9 and couldn't attend Canon Live either.  

Blue-ish purple casts.  White balance settings, lighting, chromatic aberration if on the fringe edges of the wood. I see the blue in the grain of the wood clearly.  I think I'd check my lighting as burnunit pointed out. 

If its happening with still images too, then raw images with exif data as Stephen asked would also be helpful.

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Never happens when shooting stills. I drop a backdrop in the same shop and shoot product photos using strobes and /or Aputure 120D fixed LED. I don't think it's chromatic aberration as it doesn't halo around the objects.... just the dark zones... mainly the grain. But, I could be wrong about that. Thank you, Stephen and BurnUnit for the replies!