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Going to Vegas Strip to shoot in Black and White (monochrome), need tips please

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I am heading to Vegas for work for a few days (yes, I know, terrible right?, haha)


Even though I have been to Vegas before this will be my first time with my camera equipment as I have only been taking pictures for a year.


Someone suggested that at night I take black and white photos.

I have never done this and am seeking some tips.


I will have my 7d mark II and 2 lenses.


I always shoot in RAW, day or night, doesn't matter, I have lightroom to adjust things later.


I noticed on my camera I have under picture style monochrome. I have never used this before.

So should I use this feature for black and white photography or just continue to shoot in standard picture mode and RAW and then convert the color picture to Black and white later in lightroom?


I have seen Vegas strip pictures of casinos and fountains in blk and white at night and they look fantastic.


I will also take any advice as to where to go to take pictures on the strip.

I plan to go to the Eiffel tower before sunset to try to capture some nice pictures, but again never have been up there.

I am a morning person so I will be up before sunrise and wander around as well.

I will take pictures of the venetian interior (not casino area) and some others as they have some cool interiors.


So any advice or tips is always appreciated.


Thank you,



Thanks everyone for your kind words.

Some interesting ones and some touristie ones.  Nice job!

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!
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