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Exclamation mark ! and orange rectangle EOS M5


I have a EOS M5. 

It stalls with an orange rectangle and an exclamation mark and the camera needs to be restarted. It happens mostly when zoom is used but also without zoom. 

Camera has  18-150 mm lens. 


Any help is appreciated

See photo. Canon eos m5 exclamation mark.jpeg



See page 44 of the user manual.


Linked below to download if you don't already have a copy.

Thanks. It does not list the scenario when the camera freezes over this and needs to be restarted.

The display seems to indicate an autofocus issue. That the camera needs to be restarted sounds like there is an issue with the Autofocus system.


Have you done any customization of the controls at all or are using a 3rd party energy cell?   If so I suggest a resetting the camera back to its original condition, in fact it wouldn't hurt to do a factory reset in any case - see P163 of your manual.


If the issue still continues and is under warranty, I suggest visiting your vendor (if they are local) or contacting their customer support.  Canon support are very helpful too.

cheers, TREVOR

Before you ask us, have you looked in the manual or on the Canon Support Site?
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I too have run into this issue and it is a direct result of you competing with the camera's AI. It senses something that it does not like.  For instance you are attempting to perform astrophotography and the AI sees too much black sky.  No matter how hard you press a button, if you have turned on touch shutter or you throw your camera off of a 12 story building out of frustration, there is an evaluation that the camera is doing to prevent a wasted shot.  It doesn't matter if you have a battery adapter that plugs into the wall or if you have a 256gb memory card, the ai in the camera will prevent any shots from being taken.

Try to figure out why the AI is fighting you.  Screaming "Just take the #$%^ing shot" will not help with the problem. As the issue is the AI, I suggest that you turn auto focussing off, auto white balance, auto anything and go full manual.  Then slowly add back the features which add quality of life.  Turning off auto focus may save you a lot of frustration

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