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Error 70 when connecting to computer (Please help! My son's soccer team photos are at risk!)


Hi! I have a Rebel T1i. It's always worked well until now. I took photos of my son's soccer team, and all of the other parents are depending on me! They are the only team photos that we have, and soccer season is over.


I can see the photos when I look through the camera. I can take new pictures. Everything seems completely normal until I plug the camera into my computer, it loads the first 12 or so pictures, and then the error pops up. I can't actually import the photos. I can just see them there on the screen. I read that it might help to reformat my card, but then I'd lose the precious soccer photos. 


I've tried:
Recharging the battery 

Reinserting it

Turning the camera off and on 

Turning off the auto clean enable function


As an aside, if I am unable to fix the camera, could I take the memory card somewhere to access the photos?


Thank you!



Hi, L8ralig8rs!

Thanks for posting on our forum! This community is designed for your fellow Canon owners to help each other out with any problems they may encounter. If this is a time-sensitive matter, search our knowledge base or contact our US-based technical support team at

Thanks and have a great day!


I would start by using a card reader with your computer to read the images directly from the card.  If your PC/laptop doesn't have a card reader built in then you can pick up one that will plug into the USB port from pretty much any store that sells memory cards.


MAKE sure to turn your camera off before removing the card and handle the card carefully.


When I was primarily using my Canon EOS 1D Mark II I almost always transferred photos by removing the card because it uses a rugged SD card like your T1i.  With my 1DX Mark II I generally transfer photos via ethernet because its CF and Cfast cards use an easier to damage pin type connector.  



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