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Er 50 and Er 20


Hi I'm new to this forum. Please bear with if this has already been discussed. Last night I was at a WWE event taking pictures with my Canon 50D using my 24-105mm L series lens. I have never had a problem with this camera before but all of a sudden I started getting an error code "Er 20". Then today when I checked it again I was getting an error code "Er50" Does anyone know what these codes mean? Thanks Pete



Hi CO585,

We are very sorry to hear that you received both the Error 20 and the Error 50 while shooting.  The Error 20 indicates a mechanical malfunction. Most likely within the mirror, shutter or aperture mechanism.  It indicates that some sort of disturbance, error or lock-up has been detected.

The Error 50 reports that some sort of electronic error or interference with internal communication is occurring. We advise that you clean the lens contacts with a microfiber cloth and also try a different lens on the camera.

Neither error code specifies where the exact problem is and, if they persist, it may be best for you to send the camera into our Factory Service Center.

You can start the service set up process here.

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