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Eos 550d - High definition in windows movie makres is cutting edges of film


Hi Guys,


I am using 550 D. For assembly i am using widnows movie maker. 

I created new setting for HD in windows movie maker:




And it is cutting edges - here is my video:


In canon i have magic lantern and recording set up in menu to 1920 x 1080. 

Why my mov files are not with full wide screen? 

(height is full but width not)


Please help Guys,

Best wishes,




If you are having issues with a Microsoft application, why are you posting questions about it here?

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Or, if you are having issues with Magic lantern, why post about it here? Ask on the Magic Lantern board.

I have general issue. 


It is not magic lantern. It is eos camera. 

If you do not know - please do not answer. 


Best wishes,


@jaryszek wrote:

If you do not know - please do not answer. 


Ooooh, I don't know either Smiley Frustrated


Nice people here. 


Anyone know the problem ?

Why canon t2 is cutting screen using HD mode? 


What is causing it? Maybe settings? 


Please help,

Warm regards

Jacek Antek 

Have you tried any other viewing software? We don't do much video here, we are users, just like you.

Thank you very much. 


hmm i do not remember if the problem occured when i was using only eos 550 D software. 

But maybe it is a standard setting. 



Have you tried it without magic lantern?


Does Media Player play it OK?