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EOS Utility canon 70D


I recently bough a canon 70D and installed the eos utility so i could take a timelapse video, i dont have a CD drive on my mac, but i managed to install it from the updater on the canon website, the problem is it wont connect my 70D to the Mac via wifi, it will just say "AlertTitle Firewallalertmsg" and thats it, i have managed to connect the camera with the cable and the eos utility 2 pops up and works but not through the wireless which i would like because i want to do some time lapse or view the photos i take directly on my mac during a photoshoot and i want it to work because well i paid for this camera and which includes the wifi and the utility so i want it to work!


Does anyone know what the "AlertTitle Firewallalertmsg" means? i tried googling it and i couldnt find that error anywhere, its extremely frustrating, could it be because i downloaded the software through the updater and ereased a file so i could get the utility (really bothers me that canon does not have the software to download! dont they realize that now a days most computers dont have a CD/DVD drive!


if anyone can help me i would really apprecaite it! thanks





Canon does have the software available for download.  


Go to this page:


Expand the "Software" section.


You want the item named:  EOS Digital Solution Disk Software 29.1A for Mac OS X


That download contains everything that would have been on the physical media that came with your camera and it's for those who own computers that do not have optical drives.  It's not really an "updater" -- it's the full install.  The "updaters" only grab the changes and presume you already have the base software installed.  It's been my experience that the "updater" software will refuse to install if it cannot find the base software on the machine.


The 70D is a bit different from other cameras -- because it has WiFi.  Most other Canon models would require connecting via the USB cable.  On the 70D the WiFi must be OFF to use the USB cable.  And of course if you want to use WiFi then the WiFi must be 'on'.  But it can't do both at the same time.  However, you might want to temporarily disable the WiFi and try to connect using the supplied USB cable just to test and make sure EOS Utility is able to connect and control the camera... even if you really want to use WiFi, I'd suggest testing the USB only because that decreases the number of variables we have to worry about at the same time.    If the USB method works, then we know the software and camera are both OK and any issue would be isolated to the WiFi component... and then we'd just need to work out that bit.






Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da



I did everything from downloading the app from Canon to using the disk that came with my EOS70D.  However the 'firewallalertmsg' still comes up and won't let me pair my camera with my MacAir.  Any advise would be much appreciated.