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EOS Rebel xt rendered Useless


Hi, so a year back my father had givin me a EOS canon Digital rebel XT, and for months Ive been trying to get the softwares to recognize it as a webcam/ camera in the EOS Utility 2 settings. Ive actually tried this in all versions of EOS utilities except 1.0 and 1.1 because it is virtually impossible to get your hands on those softwares unless you have the solution discs. So my setup right now is a usb from the camera to my pc and in PTP mode in the camera settings the camera is recognized by the softwares and ready for use, like file share and editing. But this is not the way I want to use the camera, I want to start using it as a webcam. So I put the camera in PC communication mode and the camera all of a sudden isnt recognized by windows as a camera and says ,"Driver is unavailable" and it wont let me use the remote shooting option. All of the softwares/drivers are installed ive tried reinstalling them, Ive switched the usb cord, and Ive tried all of the tips I found on the internet already.


So my problem is, that in pc connection mode the camera on windows is driverless and does not work // all software is installed.





An XT has no live video, you can't use it as a webcam.

When the XT was released there was no YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter.  I think the popular social media platform was something called MySpace, which was basically an easy to use blog.  The internet was too slow for streaming video.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

My question is, why would the camera have a Pc connection mode AND a Print mode?


"...this is not the way I want to use the camera, I want to start using it as a webcam."


Did you realize or know the Rebel XT is nearing 20 yeas old?

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

When I check the camera's settings there is a pc connection mode and in the manual there is a line that mentions video output Evidence.PNG

I have never really figured out the difference between PC and PTP, mainly because PTP is what worked with Mac's and I had no reason to explore.


The video out is strictly for playback - no live view



If you haven't already, you can still download the user manual for this camera from the Canon website . . .


...But searching for the term "webcam" returned no results.


There is also a manual available for the EOS Utility for Windows, though it seems to be aimed at camera models released in 2006 or earlier.

Searching my T6S manual for "webcam" finds no hits either, but it can be used as one.


More relevant to the XT, you won't find "movie" either.

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