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EOS Rebel T7 Recommendations for Airshow Use


hey everyone ! ill be heading to the airshow at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego  and since ill be Using the canon rebel T7, with the 75-300 lens attached, 

id like to know some aperture, shutter etc, settings that I can use to try and get some solid images ! this Is really my first jump into photography and all.. 

cheers all ! 




IMG_6622.jpgJust use P mode, and start shooting. Since you won't have IS, make sure the shutter speed stays at 500 or above.

ahh yes ! the t-birds ! diamond formation .. sound of freedom right there.. 

I am buying the T7 Rebel for my 11 yo and he really wants this camera specifically for airshows and planes. Would this be a great lens? The bundle I am buying him is the 1st photo and unsure how well that zoom will do. Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!2.pngcamera lens.png

Absolutely, NOT.  Do not buy a “bundled” camera package from anywhere, especially from the Amazon Marketplace.  Only purchase camera gear from a Canon Factory Authorized Dealer. 

BTW, that large lens is absolute garbage.  Save your money.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Why not buy a bundled camera package? especially from Amazon? Tthank you for your candid response.

Please excuse me for answering for Waddizzle but he is 100% right.  Don't purchase a bundle from Amazon Marketplace.  All the extras are (IMHO) junk and you will not get your money's worth and since the camera in the picture appears to be an EOS 2000, the camera and lens won't have a Canon USA warranty.

You may wish to check out Canon Refurbished deals.  What they sell carries a 1 year Canon USA warranty and right now they have deals like this:

I own this lens and highly recommend the EF-S 55-250mm IS USM lens.  I think you can buy a used lens with confidence at  Check this one out:

Then you can buy a name brand genuine SD memory card at a reputable retailer and you son will have what he needs to start out taking airshow photos.

Good luck! 


Thank you. He is specifically wanting this camera to go to an airshow in May and to go plane spotting. Have either of you tried doing this with this camera? Thank you

You can see some of my images above. I use a T6S which is roughly equivalent to your T7. The only thing is the lens. I have one of the 150-600 mm lenses which has served me well for airshows.

But the 55-250 already mentioned should work pretty good, too. especially if he is close to the action.

Thank you, your post was very helpful when I joined the forum yesterday. Thank you 

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