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EOS Rebel T7 Photos come out with a warm tint


Hello. I have recently bought the Canon EOS Rebel T7. Whenever I take pictures under artificial lighting, the pictures come out with a warm tint and is a bit grainy. It does not look like anything that you would see through your eyes, but a more saturated picture. I was looking up was to fix this and I was told to change where the focal point was but that only made my pictures turn out with a purple tint.

If anyone can help ASAP, that would be greatly appreciated!



What white balance do you have set, can you post a sample?


Hello everyone. I am completely new to using a camera, and am not sure how to fix my problem. I have recently bought a Rebel T7, and whenever I am taking pictures under cool, artificial light, my pictures become purple. I am not sure how to fix this issue and haven’t seen others talk about this before. I am hoping I don’t have to be downloading editing apps and editing for two hours. So if you have any recommendations on why my camera is doing this, please respond. Thanks!


Possibly the same as the other. Have you been playing with the white balance? Do pictures taken outside on a sunny day look OK? Can you send us an example of this issue?

If you are getting purple images, then WB might be set for flash.  But, the flash is not firing.

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Had that happen with my T7 in the early days. Sent a photo with a yellow cast to a retired photographer, "Set the white balance." It works. If I'm inside, I look at the lighting to determine what is used. I might take a couple of photos as samples to check the WB. 

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" I have recently bought the Canon EOS Rebel T7."

First reset the camera. Menus, tools, clear all settings and clear all custom settings.

"Whenever I take pictures under artificial lighting, ..."

I need more info to make a suggestion on how to correct this. Are you inside with, what type lighting?  Flash?

There are WB settings in the menus on your T7 to adjust for certain indoor lights. Choose one that is closest. Otherwise you can select Average WB and it will do a good job mostly.

The best solution is to set the format to Raw and not jpg. You can then set the WB anywhere or anyway you want it in a post editor. You have access to a very good one from Canon. It is a free d/l. Simply leave the WB set to Average WB in the T7 and adjust it how you prefer in post.

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As mentioned early in this thread we'll need to see examples.  Otherwise it's all guesswork.  Though my guess also leans toward white balance settings.


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