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EOS Rebel T6 - What settings should I use for a Church Valentine Banquet to get good pictures?


I will be coming to this community for help with how to shoot photos, as I would like my photos to be of good quality, if this is okay. If this is not okay, then please let me know what forum I should go to get help.


I will be shooting photos for my church's annual Valentine Banquet tonight at 6 pm.


My question is, what camera settings should I use?


I have a Canon EOS Rebel T5.


Thanks in advance!




I'm guessing you are a relatively new photographer. Program or Auto will give you best opportunity for good results. Primary difference is that Program won't automatically give flash.
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No body here can give you any successful settings without seeing the church.  What we can do is give you what might work.  All cameras have a limit as to what can or will do.  We can't know without seeing the church if you are at that limit.


Would it be possible for you to go shoot a couple examples for us.  You can u/l them here and there are folks on the forum that can give you good advise.  They don't have to be of anything in particular but a willing subject would be nice.


"I have a Canon EOS Rebel T5."


The camera isn't as important as the lens.  The Rebel T5 will do the job depending on what lens you have?  I am asumming you got a Rebel kit with a lens included?  We will need to know this too.


Lastly are you willing or able to do any post editing?  This may be is the most important part about getting great photos.


Let's see some samples! Smiley Happy

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Yikes, tonight!  T5?  Time's running out.  Post a sample, if you can.  Use a tripod, if you can. 

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Thank you for sharing your opinions here, folks! Auto setting will give you a good quality overall. Especially if you are a starter, I recommend jessewilliams to keep the defaults. One thing you can try to change is the brightness levels and autofocus settings. If it is shiny, you can increase the brightness levels and set the focus on face settings(if I remember, this model has this feature). Answering the previous question, I can recommend you approach I heard they were looking for a photographer without experience. If you are interested, let me know.


6 years ago?

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!
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