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EOS Rebel T5i No image on LCD screen, menus come up OK


I have a T5i that is having LCD issues. when I turn camera on, the screen is black. I can hit menu button and that comes up but if I hit info button, only 1 of the screens will display there. Canon support only had me do a reset and that didn't fix the issue and offered for me to call the upgrade program. Has anyone else had an issue like this?


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Did you reset camera settings and custom functions? There are 2 places to reset settings to default.

Also, there is a sensor near the viewfinder to detect when your face is near the camera that will switch the LCD screen off. If it is dirty, or blocked by the eyecup, it may keep the screen from working. 

Can you tell us what screens you are missing when toggling the Info button? What is the one screen that you can toggle using the Info button?



The only info screen i see is the one with "Freespace, color space, WB shift/bkt....etc. I do not see any of the other info screens. But i was just messing with the camera and i left the info screen up for a min and went back and it was back on. It seems to be working intermittently at the moment. just wondering what would cause that

I'm not support, but I used to be a long, LONG time ago! To get to any other screens, you need to be in "P" mode on the top dial. 

You can download a PDF of the manual HERE. I reference it below. 

The sensor 5DIV is referring to is here:


If your eyecup (the rubbery/plasticky thing that goes over the eyepiece) has slid up any, it may be obstructing the display off sensor. Also, from the manual:


This is the process to clear all settings (again, you need to have the camera in "P" on the top dial):





It seems to still be working right now. just very odd. maybe the sensor had gotten dirty but the camera stayed in a case.

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Sometimes the viewfinder eyecup can shift up and cover the sensor I mentioned. Make sure your eyecup is in the fully down position. Also a fingerprint on the sensor sometimes happens, just clean the sensor.

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