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EOS Rebel T5 Video Shuts Off??


I have an EOS Rebel T5 that I got last summer to record videos on- as well as take photos. I also have a 16gb and 8gb SD card to go with it. I have a problem where (on an epty SD card) I will be filming a video and it shuts off after about 11 minutes. The first couple of times I filmed this did not happen, but now every time I film it does. It shuts off as if it timed itself out. Does anybody else have this problem? Is there anything I can do to fix it? I'm not sure what's wrong with it or why it is doing this.


Thank you in advanced.



How large are the video files when it shuts off?  Most DSLRs sold in some countries, like the U.S., limit their video files to either 30 minutes or 4 GB. 


Another more likely issue is that your image sensor is overheating.  The Operating Manual [pages 151-152, 177-178] cautions users about heat buildup during extensive use of either LiveVew or MovieMode. There are icons that appear on the LCD screen to warn and indicate excessive heat buildup.


Once it overheats, you may need to allow considerable time for the sensor to completely cool back down.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

I am not exactly sure how large the files are. I know that it shuts off every time when I film for 11 minutes, give or take a few seconds. I know that after it shuts off  I am able to touch one of the buttons and it piwers back on as if it was left sitting there and then went into sleep mode (which I went in the menu and set it to not sleep hoping it would fix the problem, but it did not.) After it comes back on I can film over 11 minutes, but since I don't usually film more than 11 minutes twice in a row I do not know if it shuts off every 11 minutes (if that makes sense.) 


Is there another way I can tell if it is overheating? When I film I am in front of the camera and I can not see the screen to see if there is a warning. 


Like I said before, it acts as if it is going into sleep mode and I am able to immediately start to film once I realize that it has cut off.

Page 300 of the Operating Manual indicates that the T5 records 1920x1080 [Full HD] as 330 MB/min.  Multiply that by 11 minutes and you get 3630 MBytes, which is pretty close to the 4 GB limit.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Okay that makes sense, thank you very much.
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