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EOS Rebel - Film Settings


Hi all,


I've seen others use their Canon Rebel to film scenes for their films.


There are many settings to choose.


If anyone on this list has used their Canon Rebel to video record, would you please share what settigns you've chosen?


This is besides setting the camera to Movie ro record. 🙂


Thank you.



There's no answer to this as each scene would have totally different requirements.  Outdoor scene? Indoor scene well lit, or perhaps dark to set a particular mood.  The possibilities are endless.


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I agree.  There is no cut and dried answer to your question.  For example, "How should I swing the bat to hit a homerun out of the ballpark?"  The correct answer depends on current conditions.  You won't know what pitch is coming until the pitcher throws it toward the catcher.


How well can you use the camera for shooting regular photos?  The first step to becoming a good videographer is to become a good photographer.  You really have to first understand the basics of photography to become an able videographer.  I guess I am saying that you have to first learn how to walk before you can learn how to run.


The basics of photography really have nothing to do with camera settings.  The principles of "Exposure Triangele", "Depth of Field", "Composition", and more independent of the gear you are using.


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