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EOS R8 Thoughts


I am delighted to see the release of the EOS R8. At $1500 this joins the $999 RP as another entry-level full frame in Canon's lineup. Despite the predictable whines by some for its lack of IBIS and joystick, and the comical rants of why it can't be more like the R3 at $1500, I was delighted to see that the camera uses the same sensor and AF system as the R6 Mark II. This is unbelievable for this price point. Photographers of yore didn't have IBIS, nor did they need it. They knew how to hold a camera and how to use the controls for a faster shutter speed. They even used a remarkable device known as a tripod when they needed a slow shutter speed. How would our demanding spec sheet warriors today survive in such a time, especially if they had to use a "crippled" camera like the R8? And I hear they make stabilized lenses now! Can you believe it? 



LOL.  The R8 seems like a camera with serious “bang for the buck” value.

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What's also remarkable is its weight.  Just 1 lb (body and battery)



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Yes, it is essentially an RP body, which makes it something you can easily carry all day. With the same sensor and AF as the R6 II has, I think it is well worth the extra $500 over the RP.


When I made the decision to buy mirrorless full frame last fall, I considered the R and RP. I ultimately got the RP because I wanted the mode control wheel. Since I was upgrading from a point and shoot, I also didn't think I'd appreciate any extra advantages offered by the R. If the R8 was available at the time I'd probably have wanted it vs the RP because of the upgraded sensor. Budget is always a factor, but if I needed to replace my RP tomorrow I'd want the R8.

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