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EOS R8 Autofocus availability in 120fps and 180fps


Looking at buying the R8 wanting to see how the autofocus is while shooting in the high frame rate mode. The main question is does it have autofocus at all in the 120fps and 180fps and jd it does how has it preformed 


The original question was NOT "where do I find information that addresses slow motion?", it was something like "does the camera offer autofocus in high frame rate modes?"

While yes, when answering a user's question, it is GOOD good to include information about where users can find a more in-depth answer, etc, YOUR "answer" did NOT answer the question. 

Instead you basically SCOLD people for asking the question in the first place. 

That is NOT helpful and only pushes people AWAY from this community after they start to see that they will be SCOLDED for asking a question.

I agree with you that it is frustrating to have to answer a question that seems like it should be easy for a user to find.  And If that's the case with you, and you can't help yourself from SCOLDING people for asking a given question, THEN DON'T ANSWER AT ALL.

@wsalopek wrote:

I would also like to know if the camera makes use of DPAF in 120 and 150 and 180fps.

The most correct answer to your question is neither yes or no.  

The camera has a maximum frame rate of only 40 fps.

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I believe this question is referencing High Frame Rate Movie Recording...  which on my camera is called Slow & Fast.  

Canon Knowledge Base - EOS R8: High Frame Rate


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It is?  So it is!   

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