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EOS R7 Video shooting overwrote my pictures?


Hi all, this morning I took my daughter to her dance class, which was a big treat because normally her mom always takes her.  Anyway, I brought along my new R7 and I took pictures of her before the class started and many many more while it was going.  Now she and I reviewed the pictures taken while we were waiting for the class to start.  We zoomed in, panned around, etc. in maybe 20 or 30 files (so I know they were written to the card).  About halfway through the class, I thought to try out video recording, so I switched over to video mode and took a ~2 minute clip.  Then I went back to pictures and another similar video towards the end of class.

Okay now that I'm at home, I've got the SD card in the reader and the picture/video files start with that first video I took.  All of the pictures before the class (and days before from other kid's sports) are gone!  Also the 2nd video I shot seems to be missing.  Any ideas what could have happened here?  I'm using a Sandisk V90 128GB card, but only one - 2nd slot is empty.

I downloaded a few recovery programs, and they can all see the 2nd mp4 video file so I'm not sure why Windows Explorer can't see it.  The programs don't even say that it is a deleted file, but group it with the other existing files.  For the recoverable deleted files, it only shows ones I purposely deleted last week; nothing from the pre-dance class session.  😞

I'm not sure what to do or more importantly, how to keep this from happening again.  I appreciate any ideas and tips you may have for me.  Thank you



Do you format your memory cards prior to first use?

"The right mouse button is your friend."

No, I did not format the card.  Just slapped it in and started shooting away.  I will format it now, maybe that'll help?


I have used a lot of Canon cameras and none of them will write over existing files, when the card fills up that is it and it will let you know the card is full.

Can you still see the photos when you review them in the camera?

I would connect your camera via USB to your computer and use EOS utility to transfer files and see what you get.  I use several 1DX II and 1DX III bodies, a couple of 5DS bodies, and a M6 Mark II and I never take the cards out of the cameras; I do all file transfers via EOS utility and ethernet or USB depending upon the body and have done so for a couple of decades without ever having any file transfer issues.


EOS 1DX M3, 1DX M2, 1DX, 5DS R, M6 Mark II, 1D M2, EOS 650 (film), many lenses, XF400 video

^THIS^ 💯

Rodger says he almost never removes cards from his cameras.  What Rodger is not specifically pointing out is do not swap cards memory between camera bodies.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

I never remove SD cards from my bodies, because I move my files off the cameras via USB cable before getting near to filing them up. The part about not swapping cards between cameras is true, unless you format the card in its new camera. Which means, getting data off the card before putting it in a different camera!

Okay I only have the one SD-card camera so I won't swap them.  My only other camera is a Digit Rebel XTi from 20 years ago!

No, the pictures aren't viewable with the camera either.  I can see the 2nd video in the camera, but none of the photos before the first video are there.  I tried a recovery program that I had used before, recuva, and it couldn't find them either.  That's why I assumed they were overwritten with the video.  After doing some more research, I read a few people suggest a program called R-Photo and that one was actually able to find the pictures!  So I was able to recover the pictures but I'm not sure what happened.  I'm still in the (free) return window for both the camera and the card, so I'm wondering if I should replace one of them?  

Anyway, I will format the card with the camera and see if that keeps it from happening again.  Thank you all for inputs on this