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EOS R7: How to activate live view in Manual mode


How do I activate live view in Manual mode for an EOS R7?



EOS R7 will always be showing a live view of the scene, since it's an electronic viewfinder and LCD. It could be that your exposure settings in manual are such that the screen is black. Indoors a setting like 1/250th, f/8 and ISO 100 will show a black screen for example (remember it's dark and grey in the UK).

The reason is that the camera is simulating the exposure you have set. Locate Display simulation setting in the red shoot menu, and set it to disabled and then you will always see the scene, but it won't be a true representation of how the exposure will actually look.

EOS specialist trainer, photographer and author

Thank you very much Brian for the prompt response! Accustomed to pressing a life view button, I didn't realize it. It is useful for composing across the screen when it is impractical to place your eye on the viewfinder. In the red menu, box 9, "only during DOF", allows me to view on screen to compose tightly. I owe my English to Google...Thank you!