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EOS R6 low light photos don't match between camera and computer


Hi! I recently switched from the Mark iv to the R6 for a lot of reasons but mainly for the ability to shoot in low light better. I have the 28-70 lens that I keep on the majority of the time. I feel a little stuck because I shoot in low light and shoot in Kelvin and when I look at the screen the photos look great, and when I see them on my computer they aren't that sharp, out of focus or really soft. Plus, on my computer the photos are so so warm (from indoor lighting, so lots of ambient light), even though I was at around 4500 kelvin and they don't look that warm on my camera. I feel so confident taking the photos but then they look horrible on my computer and it's hard to save them. Is this common for the mirrorless cameras? I feel like the situations I'm in indoors, this camera should be able to handle fine but I feel like it's just not and it's been frustrating! Hopefully this all makes sense! Feel free to ask more questions if I need to be more specific 


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The Auto White Balance W (AWBW) setting in the camera works well to eliminate the yellowish tint (or any off-color tint) in photos. I have a EOS 5D MkIV and use that setting a lot. 

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Have you tried auto white balance?

You can adjust the screen and viewfinder color tone according to the manual.

Screenshot 2023-07-07 145106.jpg

Screenshot 2023-07-07 150848.jpg

gosh I guess I always use kelvin! Weird that I haven't tried auto... even so the photos I take in indoor low lighting looks fine color wise on my camera and looks completely different on my computer. So I guess I never tried auto because it always looked fine in camera. Is there a way to share photos in this thread?


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I edited my post above to show how to adjust the screen and viewfinder color tone.

Are you capturing in RAW?  If so, white balance won't be baked in, so you can change it to anything in post.   Still, I try to at least dial in a fairly correct K value so after importing into Lightroom, photos show up as correct as possible.

For mixed lighting situations where I don't have time for a custom white balance, I typically just choose 5000K and adjust in post as needed.


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Yes always in RAW! I would say my go to for indoor situations with lighting is also 5000K. And it always looks correct in camera and comes out WAY warmer in post. Which is fine, I just adjust in post, but it's crazy the difference from my camera to my computer. I like editing true to color, so it's hard to know what that is when the photo is so warm. So I typically edit it fine, but I just never know if it's true to color since the original photo was so warm

Thank you so much for this! I checked what mine is at, and my color tone is also at 2 already but my brightness is on auto. Would correcting that help the fact that my photos look great exposed in camera and then they look not so exposed and great in post? 

So, for the fine tune VF color tone, do I do that manually every time? Or is that something I set up and it stays that way? I only have this issue with indoor photos, my outdoor photos I can get spot on in Kelvin and they look like that in post as well. It's only these ambient lighting situations that seems to be so different from camera to post. So if I adjust that when I'm indoor will that also mess with my color tone for outside?

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First, I would try Auto White balance (AWBW), then set the viewfinder and screen color tone and go with that for a bit. Whatever you set the color tone to will stay for any shot, indoors or out. You shouldn't be constantly adjusting it, once you get it to your liking. The viewfinder and screen will not always match what you see on your computer screen, unless you calibrate both to a standard. It is normal to not match exactly.

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to me! I'll have to play with that and see if it helps at all. I don't expect my camera screen to match my computer screen exactly, I'm just thrown by how much it is off when it comes to indoor lighting. But I'll play around with all of that and see if it helps! Thanks so much


Why should it match?  Are you using a color calibrated monitor?

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