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EOS R6 depletes battery when turned off



I'm fighting with problem for weeks now. The camera depletes the fully charged battery completely after few days even when it's completely turned off during that time (the power dial on camera is in OFF position).

I went through many forums without clear solution for this model.

So, far I have camera in Airplane Mode on (thus WiFi and Bluetooth are off) and with GPS disabled. This happens to every battery I tried and those same batteries can sit in other canon DSLR cameras for weeks or months and still maintain their charge.

Is there anything else I can do make the EOS R6 stop battery draining when turned off (other that taking the battery out after every shoot)? 


I can now 100% confirm the fault is with the Viltrox adapter. At the time I bought it because Canon didn't their own in stock. I now use Canon's original adapter for few weeks and the problem with battery is no longer there. 

Viltrox does not seem to plan to address this issue as such, if you are the owner of this adapter, you are left with 3 options:
* remove the adapter when not shooting,
* remove the battery when not shooting,
* use Canon's adapter or RF lenses.

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Given that you have isolated the issue to the lens configuration, and you say you are using a Viltrox adapter for your EF lens, it would be worth seeing if the adapter may be the issue, as it is not a Canon device.  See if you can find a Canon adapter and try that.

cheers, TREVOR

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I have the same issue with my R5 and I have the Canon Ring Adapter. Someone else has the same issue on facebook on the R5 forums. I've been having to remove my batteries from the camera grip to avoid this drain. 

I've also been able to confirm that my RF Lenses don't drain the battery at all it's only when using the adapter. Doesn't seem to matter if it's the Canon Adapter or a 3rd party adapter. 


Correction on the Canon Ring Adapter "parasitic electrical draw", As an electrician who specializes in mobile installation used to recharge drones for the movie industry, the draw isn't from the ring adapter but from the camera trying to reestablish communication with the lens, flash or the camera wifi-bluetooth if you include the EL1 or EL5 flash, same circumstances, Mirrorless R7 attached to the EL5 flash does the same thing. Spoke with Canon and confirmed the findings. When the Camera isn't being used, the same with the flash - both batteries have to be removed and marked or numbered to return it once again to be reused until it fully drains batteries. The new "R" series mirrorless cameras do this, it is called "parasitic voltage drop" in circuits because electronic cameras are "electronic" it consume batteries! Best advice: When not in use "Remove", "Remove" rechargeable batteries to retain the longevity of the battery, hope this helps everyone...