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EOS R6 Overheating


Ok so i just purchased the EOS R6, i use to use a Fuji X-T3 because i shoot 4k 60p
so hopefully i don't experience the overheating that most have, they said there was a firmware update to address this. But who knows most of the videos on youtube talking and testing this are shooting 4k 23 fps .
I'm wordering if any one out here shoots 4k 60p and how long of shooting do you get before you get the overheating warrning and shutdown?
I mostly am going to shoot using an external recorder (Ninja V) so i think this will buy me more time with out overheating shooting externally..
Any one know what the specs are shooting 4k 60p on the overheating issue?
What is your time?



Fix The **bleep** Heating Issue with the R6... $3,000 for a freaking reputation killer. I am ashamed I ever bought this piece of **bleep**. I am ashamed I invested in additional lenses to pair with this turd. I am Brad Meece, 360 Real Estate Services, LLC... An unproud owner and user of Canon. I sold my wife's Jeep to buy this camera, and you all screwed me over! I shot my first wedding last night... halfway through the shoot, I had to put it in a zip-lock bag and put it in the beer cooler to finish the rest of the day. Never again will I buy or use a Canon product. You all could care less about your users. You should be offering replacements because your updates are not fixing **bleep**!


If you treat me right, I will send it to you under my extended warranty through B & H. Unfortunately, I will be out of business while you are testing it. Please let me know that you stand by your product. Brad Meece, 360 Real Estate Services, LLC


Greetings Brad,

Lets try to get your issue resolved.  Canon can't help unless you send the Camera to them for inspection or repair.

Turn around is usually pretty quick, but you are  heading into the summer months and things start getting busy this time of year.  I'm sure this becomes a busy time of year for you also.  Home sales and weddings.

I'm not a pro, just an enthusiast.  I can only recommend the following.  If you are a professional and relying on your camera for income, you should have a back up body, have your gear covered by CarePak and be a CPS member at some level.  If you can't afford a second body, at least have the latter two.  

You said you have CarePak coverage.  If you have CPS, (at minimum) Gold or Platinum membership they offer a 3 or 2 day turnaround.  With some planning, you will have minimal downtime.  Access to loaner gear is given priority or depends on availability.  If something big comes up, rent something.   


Not taking action isn't going to get your gear repaired or earning $$$$ for you again.  I understand you are not happy.  Let Canon help.  At least give them the opportunity.

Canon Support | Service & Repair | Canon U.S.A., Inc. 

Bay Area - CA

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