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EOS R6 Mark II Freezing Issues, Error 70


Hi! I have just send my R6M2 for repair as it was freezing (ERR70) and literally unusable. Its only 11 months old and I just bought it Used with a receipt. So sad as this was my first Canon Mirrorless. I am coming from Nikon Z7. I also did purchased CarePak for two years, as I am concerned about this known issues with this model. I haven't had acknowledgement from Canon Canada as its still Pending Arrival in the status. I am just hoping for the best




How did you buy a CarePak on a used camera?  Purchased from a dealer?  Just want to understand for my own knowledge.

Err70 is not typically good, but also note sending it to Canon was the right thing to do.  Having a CarePak is even better which you can see from my sig I am a proponent of.  If your camera or lens has an accident or needs service just once, a CarePak pays for itself.  Don't let this sway your confidence in your camera.  None of my body's have needed service, and I've owned a few 😉

Also wanted to welcome you to the forums and Canon.  Are you going to own both or are you moving to Canon from Nikon?  Do you mind if I ask what brought you to this decision?    I haven't owned any Nikon products for over 20 years.  I've used Canon for 40+, including their camcorders.  

I hope to hear back from you and am hoping for a positive outcome with your R62.

Bay Area - CA

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Welcome to the forum. I think you did the right thing sending the camera in to Canon to be checked out. In way too many cases, in this forum and others, I have seen people waste weeks and weeks posting about a hardware issue, hoping for some sort of miracle cure like removing and reinserting the battery or buying a certain brand of SD card lol. Canon should be able to find the cause of your ERR70 and get it fixed if you so desire. Out of curiosity, why did you switch from the Z7? 


I struggled last summer with these "freezes"...
I realized that they were related with the connection to my mobile. Finally I putted the camera in fly mode and didn't experience any other freeze.
I tried after the last firmware update to connect to my mobile and it worked, but I didn't spent as many time connected as in summer.
In my case, the problem came when I was trying to activate the camera after sleeping...

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