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EOS R6 Mark II Freezes with Rokinon Lens


A few days ago i finally get it ver happy about it!! I test all lense canon mostly but when attached my rokinon sp 85mm 1.2 manual and push the shutter for taking a photo the camera froze on me I got to take the battery to make it work again, in video works great no problem only when i need it for photos, is this normal or my camera is broken? Please advice



Actually, you could probably combine (3) with (1) - but you'd have to apply the tape after you've closed the aperture on the "good" camera.

Irritatingly (sort of), the lens works fine on an M5 using a 3rd-party EF to EF-M adapter, and on a Sony A6000 using a 3rd-party EF to E-mount adpter.



I think it's important to mention that tape and expensive camera's do not mix well.

1) Put some tape over the contacts on the lens. You need to cover the two contacts (one short, one long) slightly separated from the other contacts. This will let you use the lens at full aperture - but you cannot stop it down.

Tape of any kind on a lens or body's contacts.  I don't recommend this.  

2) Get one of the dumber 3rd-party EF to EOS-R adapters that does not provide electrical contacts between lens and camera.  This will let you use the lens at full aperture - but you cannot stop it down.

This is the second time you've said "but you cannot stop it down" - My advice again don't do it.

3) If you are using method (2), then if you put the lens on a camera where it does work, press the aperture pre-view button and remove the lens while pressing the button, then the lens aperture remains at the setting the camera applied. If you then fit the lens to the R-series camera with the dumber adapter you can view/shoot at that aperture. But of course you can't view/focus at full aperture.

A multi-camera set up to put a seemingly incompatible lens into some type of useable shooting mode on another camera?  For one shot?  No again.  

I know these comments were made with the intention of being helpful, but some of them could or might put your gear at risk.  Add additional one use expense, or result in some sort of unexpected behavior.  I believe any of these might be asking for trouble or frustration.  Just my opinion.  YMMV.  

To date, the R62 and R7 are 2 of the more finicky body's when it comes to 3rd party lenses.  

Cheers 😀

Bay Area - CA

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I understand your comments, but as you say I'm just making suggestions that some people might find helpful.

In fact, the lens I am using - Samyang/Rokinon XP 10mm f/3.5 - presents a particular difficulty. It is quite expensive, and is available only in Canon & Nikon DSLR mounts. So I do not even have the option of spending more money to get an RF version. And there are no other 10mm rectilinear lenses for full frame available. So either I need to use these sub-optimal workarounds or give up on 10mm (or drag my 6D Mk II around with me as well as the R6 Mk II so that I can use the 10mm). My standard operating procedure is to use only 2 apertures - mainly f/8 and occasionally f/3.5 - and so the process of stopping the lens down to f/8 on another camera and then moving the lens to the R6 Mk II works OK for me.

Absolutely. I think that is the problem. Majority of people don't even understand the use of these 3rd party lenses. If Canon was wise enough to make a good astro lenses; we wouldn't need those 3rd party lens. But unfortunately Canon doesn't have a 10MM 4.5 or a 14 MM 1.8 or a 24 MM 1.4 without flying butterfly on the corner. Hence there is not much choice except going for all those 3rd party lenses. Well probably writing out of frustration. Just got a R6 II yesterday and found that 2 of my best astro lenses don't work. They work very well in the R5. Used to work in my old R6 that I sold off. Now I am regrating. I should have not sold the R6. If I knew this issue I would have just hold onto that R6. 🙄

Good suggestion of covering off the electronic connector. That is exactly what I did. I had the old converter that came with the R5. I taped the connection and the lenses are working properly.

Everyone is different; for me that R6 will be for a lot of astro timelapse. So this is the only good solution. The R5 files are just too big for a timelapse and on top the R6 is much brighter at night to focus properly (manually) on stars. And the Samyang lenses have fixed infinity. So it is much easier to focus than other auto focus lenses that go a bit beyond infinity. Hope the thin tape will hold onto it for longer period of time!

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