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EOS R6 MK II - Problems with highlights


Hello everyone. I've bought a new R6 MK II recently and I've been experiecing some weird issues with highlights. I usually take soccer photos and I've been experiencing a problem with the screen of the stadiums scoreboard. My camera recognizes the light of the screen like it was a lightning spotlight, and it looks like that (the red light in the photo, it also happens with white). The thing is that with my 6D i've never experienced anything like that, so I don't know if it is a camera problem or just me being a little bit clumsy. Thanks for your answers.HCF 9-3 PRENSA-367-min.jpg




I'll see if I can take a stab at this because your issue is not totally clear. The photo you included did not seem to show any issues in the whites. If you feel they are muted, and the same is the case with the scoreboard, I'd suggest taking a look at whether you have "Highlight Tone Priority" selected in your menu.  I use that frequently when I shoot white garments so the whites don't blow out on JPEGs. (I shoot RAW+JPEG since my clients use JPEGs to edit from, and Highlight Tone Priority only affects whites in JPEGs or is applied to RAW if you use DPP to process.) The other thing that might affect your image, though I've had no issues myself, is  Auto Lighting Optimizer. Both of these are located, on my R5, under Menu 2 of the Camera icon. Likely a different place on your R6 II. Hopefully, this will guide you in the right direction.

Hi Nemo, thanks for your answer. Now in Christmas time I haven't got an opportunity to try what you explain. First time I can I will do try it and see if solves my "problem". Thanks!