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EOS R5 - Trouble Understanding Display / Viewfinder screen setup


I've been going over the Canon EOS R5 manual, plus a few tutorials and I am not experiencing the behaviors described in setting up and viewing the various screens. Terminology is a problem for sure.

When the manual / tutorials indicate that pressing the INFO button will rotate thru different screen options, my camera does not appear to be doing that.

Shooting Information Display on the EOS R5

I have all 5 of the options enabled but repeated pressing of the INFO button seems to rotate thru just three screens.

Customizing Information in the Viewfinder

Don't really understand how these two relate to each other or how they overlap, or if this last screen set of screens rotates thru views.
Apologies for the poorly framed questions, Canon's intense use of iconography in their website and manuals without accompanying labels makes it difficult to understand what is going on and how to ask a question when your new to their cameras.
Thanks in advance for any guidance.


I just checked my R5, firmware V2.0, and I too just get two “Info” views, though I have them all selected…. seems like that’s a bug! LOL… I am not sure that will get a high priority… I am going to deselect them all and trying them  one at a time, the add one more, check, etc….🤷🏽

….well there appears to be a limited number of ways to view playback. Suffice to say, you won’t get all the ‘views’ you think you should….

it would be nice if others can chime in and instruct us. I looked in the manual, but it wasn’t exactly helpful.

I just noticed that you said that you had firmware for your R5, version 2.0.

I'm at version 1.9.0, could that be part of the issue? Now I have to locate where to get the firmware.

@WideAspect wrote:

I just noticed that you said that you had firmware for your R5, version 2.0.

I'm at version 1.9.0, could that be part of the issue? Now I have to locate where to get the firmware.

You should be on version 2.0.0, but that is not keeping all of your info screens from displaying. My r5 has worked properly all along, I've had it several years and many f/w updates. If enabled and set up, like I have described, I get all six rear LCD screens and three in the EVF. To be clear, only three of the six screens displayed are configurable by selecting "[INFO] Edit screen" when that screen is highlighted (1, 2, and 3). Four is a shooting screen with no info, five is a black screen with just info, and six is a black/off screen. These can only be added or removed from the INFO cycling by adding or removing the check mark.

I've tried to replicate your issue and could only do it by removing the check marks from all options in step 4 as noted above. If you have gone through all of the screens in step 3 and enabled any of their info display options in step 4 and you are still not getting that screen when cycling with the INFO button, you will probably need to reset this menu item.

Screen Info-6.jpg.

If this reset doesn't do the trick, then you may have to do a camera reset.


That explains a great deal.

To learn the camera I have had to watch a great of tutorials, this is where you will really notice the firmware upgrades, especially in tutorials about displays and menus.

From the release of the Canon EOS R5 (3.5 years ago ?) to about 1.5 to 2 years ago there has been some significant changes in the information displays and features.

When I was doing research on moving to a Canon mirror less cameras, I made a comparison chart of the top 4 Rs, as they were so different and so similar and the prices didn't always make sense. I think I compared the R3, R5, R6 and one other that I now can't remember now. This process was greatly added by B&H's product comparison feature.

Product descriptions don't age well, a number of features missing from the R5 that were in he other Rs, I happily found in my R5 when I bought it last month.

I wish that I could get Canon to inform me about firmware upgrades when they're available rather than having to sign up for their full bucket of promotion on item I have no interest in.

@WideAspect wrote:

That explains a great deal.


So, did you get more than 2 screens to display on the rear LCD when pressing the INFO button after reading/following ALL of my instructions?

As for this particular feature set, it has been this way since 2021, so it's nothing new to the R5.



I suspect that Canon is trying to give you options on how you want your info to be displayed. They give you 6 different rear LCD screens to configure and 3 in the EVF. Remember, the EVF is tiny compared to the 3" LCD, so options for it will be limited plus you really don't want the EVF too cluttered with data. You can configure each one to your liking for various situations, say weddings, nature, etc., and flip through them as needed using the INFO button. Or, you can just put all the info you like to see on one screen and uncheck the rest. Personally, I have my EVF set to basic stuff needed for setting proper exposure and the rear LCD set to blank or basic info.

To set these up go to the Shooting 7 menu "Select [Shooting info. disp.] shown on page 265 in the manual, you select the screen (1 in the attached image) then tap or select the "[INFO] Edit screen" option. You will then have 5 different options to add to that screen. Then go to screen 2, 3, and so on to set them up and don't forget to press OK. Then you can proceed to configure the EVF in the next set of menus as shown on page 268. It's the same process, just fewer screen options. As you check/uncheck options, you will see what is added/removed on the screen (shown in step 4 below).

Screen Info Settings-5a.jpg.

Sorry if I've repeated things you folks already know, like manual page numbers and stuff, but I didn't want to leave anything out for those just learning about this process. I admit it is sometimes daunting, but just slow down and try to remember what you've done, LOL!


Thanks all, every bit helps.


My forum policy, when I know enough to give a cogent answer, is to write not just for the person asking the question but for posterity. Can't tell you how many times I've done a web search and found a forum response somewhere allready answered, no need to post.