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EOS-R and a patticular strobe -- EVF/Live View go dark

I spend all last weekend shooting successfully with my EOS-R and professionali studio flash unit (at a workshop at New England School of Photography). I used a Yongnou on my camera to trigger the flash, and had the camera under control of the EOS software on my laptop.
I’m trying to replicate that setup at home using my Flashpoint 160 (an Adorama product) and everything works fine, including the flash, except for one crucial difference: the viewfinder on the camera (or the LCD or the Live view software on the laptop), is completely dark. If I half-press the shutter button the EVF shows the scene in a very grainy simulated view, but shuts off after about 10 seconds. This is not a function of the camera shooting settings — even on AUTO ISO and wide open (F2.8) lens the only image I can get in the viewfinder is the very grainy electronic image.Again, even though the EVF is dark, the flash triggers and the images are fine. It’s just really hard to focus.
It totally doesn’t make sense to me that the flash unit at the other end of the wireless connection could make a difference. In fact, I think just having the transmitter in the hot shoe might cause the problem, even if the transmitter is off (at least once its been on). Maybe some setting on the Camera needs to be tweaked?
I’m really puzzled, and while I know it would be pretty hard for you to diagnose this at a distance of 300 miles, maybe it will ring a bell?


I would imagine you have your camera viewfinder set to "exposure simulation" and with the exposure settings you have made on your camera it thinks you are just taking a shot of a dark room and not making allowances for the flash.


Have a look through the cameras menu and turn off Exposure simulation for EVF and Live view.