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EOS R AF not focusing consistently




Recently I have noticed that my EOS R is having trouble focusing.

I am using back button focus with AI servo but this also happens with the AF and metering bound to the shutter button.

Basically, if I have the camera to my eye and select my AF point then hit the focus button it regularly can't focus on an object. If I look at the live view and use the focus button it is the same problem, but if I tap the screen to focus, the camera focuses just fine.

I have tried finding more contrasting areas to focus, different AF modes, larger AF points and with and without back button focus.

I have also tried 3 different lenses and it seems to be the same in each.

Here is a video showing the problem:


Youtube link 

in the video I am in manual mode, using back button single point AF with the RF 24-105



I wanted to update some information here I found out from Canon.  This may have solve this perplexing issue.  I never heard back from Canon on this issue.  After rattling the cage repeatedly with Customer Support, I finally got a Level III (I didn't know there was such a level!) Tech Support person who called me.  Nice guy.  He understood the problem and offered to "figure it out" as the manual (neither RC-6 or any camera manual) says nothing.  He then got back to me the next day offered this simple solution:

 Be sure the camera is set to "AF One Shot" not "Servo AF." Simple.  So far, it seemed to work. Nowhere does Canon offer that short but critical piece of information.  Much thanks to the Level III technician for figuring it out. Makes sense.  A lot of time, effort and frustration wasted due to lack of a simple instruction from Canon. Again, thanks to the technician. (Even he noted "it should be in the instructions!")

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I also have major focus issues with my R5 and recently decided it isn’t me. I’ve been a photographer for over 45 years and used Canon for all of those. The R5 has major problems. With an f8 50mm Canon lens shooting 3 small objects to check focus and focusing on the closest object, it is slightly in focus. The image looks as though it was taken with an 85mm at f1.8 minus the bokeh.  If I take the same subjects using my 5DMIII with the same lens/settings, the images looks as you would expect plus it is in focus. 

I have tried back button focus and watched 100 you tube videos on different focus menu settings to improve focus. It isn’t me. It is the camera.

The R6 is a huge disappointment and waste of money. I should have never bought it. It’s an expensive paperweight or shelf decoration.

Just to confirm, are you talking about an R5 or R6? You mentioned R5 in the opening, then R6 in the closing sentences...

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