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EOS M50 Mark II Not Working with Sigma Lens


Camera change, same lens, something wrong

My EOS M50 Mirrorless had a great relationship with the Sigma Zoom lens, I believe it's 100-500mm, and it's a large and heavy lens. Anyway, I now have an EOS M50 Mark II, Mirrorless. I use manual focus, and I can barely see my object, it looks very far away. There is only a smidge of clarity when I take a photo however the image is clear and close up like it was with the M50, although it's twice as hard to see and get focused in manual mode which is all that works for me since the Sigma doesn't seem to have AF but anyway, can someone tell me what changed and how I can get back to viewing the image clear and up close, again? I use the same extender/adjuster to make the Sigma lens fit my Cannon. Thank you!



Are you trying to use the EVF. If so the diopter adjustment is off then. The diopter adjustment is used for people who wear glasses.


Current Gear: EOS 5D Mark IV, EF F/2.8 Trinity, EF 50mm F/1.8 STM, EF 85mm F/1.8 USM, 470EX-AI & 600EX II-RT

Retired Gear: EOS 40D

I will be near the camera in a few hours, I can't wait to find out. Thanks