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EOS M50 Freezing/Crashing randomly


Hey! Thanks for taking a look at my post.


I've been having this crashing or freezing issue with my EOS M50 camera whilst Livestreaming with it. (Image at end of post)


  • I use a 22mm lens.
  • I have it connected via. USB to a PC to stop the camera from shutting off after 30 minutes using EOS Utility.
  • I also use a power adapter so I don't need to change the battery all the time.
  • I also use the HDMI out to a video capture device to capture the image from the camera's view. (Not record)

This issue occurs at completely random intervals. It can be 30 minutes, 2 hours or not happen at all for 6-8 hours.


Anyone have any idea as to whats going wrong here?






Did anyone solve the problem?

The solution is to accept that Canon sold you a dud camera but don’t care, and to not buy any more cameras from Canon. Been a Canon shooter for years, that all ended when this happened to me and they refused to do anything about it. 

I did exactly the same, it was my first camera and after that, I did not want to be more interested in Canon, I went directly to another brand for a camera much more high-end too

The M50 is/was an entry level camera that offered entry level features.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Verdict, I totally changed my camera and brand at the same time, no real solution to this problem and Canon has never talked about it while I see posts dating from 2020 that already talked about it ...


Hello. Were you able to solve the Canon EOS freezing issue? If yes, how was it?

There is no solution, the only one is to change camera


My wife bought this Camera back on 2020 and about 2 months after having it is when the same issue began. We took it to a repair shop and they just gave it back because it look like they couldn't figure out what the issue was. Now she can only shoot for about 10 minutes before it crashes. I'm a Nikon user and was thinking on moving to Canon but this has really made me change my mind about the brand. They never offered a solution to this issue and a lot of users are being affected by this.

Exactly, I kept my M50 (as a second camera) but I just changed my camera (other brand) because I couldn't shoot for a long time with it without getting nervous