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EOS M200 backorder


I ordered the EOS M200 and it’s back ordered. No one can tell me any information, has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone else know of a lead time?



Hi!  If you ordered directly from Canon USA, our sales team will be glad to provide you with the latest available information.  You can reach them weekdays and Saturdays at 1-800-385-2155.  Be sure to have your order number handy when you call.

Thanks for choosing Canon!

I have called multiple times. No one can tell me anything unfortunately 


I don't know where you're located or where you ordered it from, but I see that Adorama currently has them in stock:


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Kevin Rahe
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I need the creator kit and I already ordered it through Canon, just waiting now 😕 thank you though!


If you don't get it resolved soon to buy the kit direct from Canon USA, I see it's out of stock at Adorama, Robert's Camera, Walmart, Best Buy and apparently other places as well.Target might have it, but their website is messed up. Amazon (direct) shows it, but lists delivery date of April 11, which tells me it's back-ordered there, too.

But B&H Photo is showing they have it in stock.


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I hope Canon will get inventory soon, I really don’t want to cancel my order 😕 thank you so much!!

The M200 was discontinued Oct 2022 and likely selling out existing stock only.  It's likely only retail stores will have it in stock.


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What? I just ordered it on Canon’s website, it says back ordered but not out of stock and the last canon rep I spoke to told me otherwise. I am so confused and worried now. I asked if there was a reason it was back ordered or if they no longer make that one and she said they are making more now to fulfill orders….

To clarify my comment, there were several internet articles in Oct 2022 saying that both the M200 and M6 mark II was discontinued but no official announcement from Canon.  They could well be making more but with canon having release RF-S mount cameras, EF-M mount systems like the M200 are not going to have a long future ahead.  Unless you are getting a great price via canon's website, buying the m200 creator kit from bhphotovideo (well respected camera store in US) is available now as amfoto1 mentioned.


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