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EOS M100 Almost all buttons stopped working for no apparent reason


I have a Canon EOS M100 since 4 years, recently one of my batteries widened so it was unusable but i don’t know if it’s related. So far the problem is :

-i cannot use the touchscreen

-it doesn’t let me change the iso, aperture or shutter speed (when i manual mode)

-doesn’t let me go in menu or any of the button apart from playback, the wireless connection and the button that permits me to move to the left. Therefore i can’t select anything.

I tried leaving the camera without the battery overnight but the problem is still there. When i try to take a picture ( which it does let me ) a red exclamation point appears on screen like it can’t focus. 

This also happened to me 2 moths ago while i was on a trip and was taking many pictures but at the time it started working after a while.This time around i was at a festival and it was kinda dark maybe it’s the result of overusing it? Any advices? 





What specific brand of battery were you using?  If it did bulge/burst, that could very well have led to issues with your camera.

Did you leave the battery in the camera when unused for long periods of time?  If so, for future reference, don't do that.

Recommend you contact Canon to look into having your camera repaired.  You can then see if you'd like to repair it once you have an estimate.  Or, look at a newer camera.

If you end up looking for a newer camera, note that Canon has discontinued the M-series line.  So it would be best to look at either PowerShots, or the newer R-series line.


Camera: EOS 5D IV, EF 50mm f/1.2L, EF 135mm f/2L
Lighting: Profoto Lights & Modifiers
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