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EOS M battery died - now DAT instead of MP4?


Hiya, the battery died mid podcast and the Canon EOS M didn't save it properly before shutting down. It's now a DAT file not a MP4 or whatever it normally is. There's a mob in Europe that will recover for $10 a minute of vid footage but I'm sure that Canon or someone else must have a free or cheaper utility - a common problem with batteries dying and Canon not saving properly? 

First time poster, plz be gentle. Or be horrid but give me an answer? 😛 

Thanks gurus! 




Classic! It is the camera that ruined your film! Did you charge the battery before trying the extremely risky transfer of un-saved data? Did you save the data to a stable drive or other memory device before you tried to transfer it?

From here, it looks like you and not the camera are responsible for the problem.

Consider this event your lesson learned and move on.

Just my 2 cents.

Cale, since you asked so nicely 🙂
The setup was a two camera locked off shot.
Both cameras were fully charged batteries
I cant see warning of battery outage due to being in front of camera
Recording went ten mins over what I thought was a safe time -yes my fault.
The non Canon shutdown gracefully and recording is fine
The Canon just stopped.
The DAT is on the SD card and has not been moved, removed or changed. In fact as soon as it happened the card was locked to keep integrity of the interview

No Cale I dont think its too much to ask Canon to auto save recording with last of battery before dying

BTW folks we were able to rescue it with HD Video Repair software which was much better value than Treasured etc

And I'd like my Canon to make me bacon and eggs. Is that asking too much? Smiley Wink


Seriously though, you let two cameras run out of power. That's a pretty big risk to have taken. Blaming Canon now just sounds like sour grapes.


I am glad you got your film. Good luck.