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EOS 850D Not all of my pic are transferring from the SD card


I have a Canon EOS 850D and I can see about 8 more photos on the card that I knew I took, yet when I plug the SD card into the computer they arent there. Can anyone explain why that would be? There are no settings on those photos that are different from the rest.


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Rising Star

How do you copy the files from the SD card?  Do you manually copy from the SD card to your computer?  Or use an app to copy the photos over?  One possibility is that the other set of photos could be in another folder (i.e. 100EOS and 101EOS folders).  The copied photos could also be RAW files that the default preview app can't open by default.


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I open Photos on my Mac and it should look for any new images on the card. It's not copying them over when I upload all new images. I will try manually selecting the files from the card and moving them to a folder in photos.


OK, use an SD reader. Open the SD like any external drive. Don't copy anything yet. Explore the SD card. You should see all files that are there.

If they show on the LCD of the camera they are there. When you find them simply copy to your computer.

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