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EOS 80D Error 70


Please, help! How to solve err70 on Canon 80d? It occurs only when the camera is set in video mode. The camera shuts down after about 2 minutes and shows that error. It happens with my Canon 17-55, my Canon 18-55 and my tamron 70-200 g2. No problems with my Tokina 11-16 instead... With 5dmk4 I have no problem at all with every lens.


"I have the problem with 4 out of a 5 lenses kit. I have had it before and after 1.0.2->1.0.3 update. I have it connecting camera to usb 3.0 pc port as well as if I connect it to usb 2.0 pc port"


OK now you know what it is not!  Did you rule out overheating?  If that is, not overheating, then you need to send it in for Canon service.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

@AlexTischer wrote:

I thought I was in the Eos Webcam Utility section when I wrote this post. I have this problem only when using the camera as a webcam through the official software.

It sounds like you have an issue with the camera.  I suggest that you contact Canon Support.

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were you able to get this resolved? i have been having the same issue.


Hi I'm from the Philippines and I got the same issue.


But here's the behavior:

- By using OBS, it stops functioning in less then 2mins. If you would noticed, the camera blinks as if the USB cable is pulled out


Here's what I did:

- Same cable, I used some cheap USB hub 3.0 and it resolves the issue. If not, be sure to unistall the webcam utility and install the EOS utility. If you can control your camera using the app, it means your camera is still working properly. If not, the app will not function properly.


Let me know how it goes on you.

Thanks for the tip!


Unfortunatelly I cannot test it anymore - I sold all of my Canon gear and switched over to Sony. 🙂

were you able to get this resolved. i have been having the same issue.

Unfortunately I haven't tried anymore, but I didn't solve, so I think it wouldn't work if I tried...

After posting my question last night I went back and deleted the webcam Utility and downgraded back to the beta version and that ended up solving the issue. For whatever reason the newer webcam utility software version doesn’t like all lenses including canon lenses. Unfortunately canon no longer provides the options to download the beta version so you will need to do your research to find it. I’m not sure if I can legally make it available to you but I know that it is out there still. If you find it you’re golden.

Thank you! I'll try later on then!


I fixed this by changing the SD Card.

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