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EOS 6D not getting data back from off-camera flash via iShoot transmitter


Hey guys,


Happy Monday 🙂


I have a Canon 6D and a Canon Speedlight 580 (works great when on camera - no problems at all)


I am now trying to set up a make-do studio situation and am using an 'iShoot' trigger and receiver for the flash.


I have it all set up and when I attach the trigger to my camera and click the 'test' button (on the actual trigger), everything fires and syncs I know the trigger and receiver and flash are all working together. However, my camera is not reading or receiving data from the flash, so when I press the shutter on the camera, the flash doesn't go off.


Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? 


I have attached a few photos to help explain what is going on - and a video here










Your pictures are too small to be able read the on-camera messages but I would guess you are trying to use a simple manual only trigger that doesn't send or receive flash data while the camera is in ETTL mode.

Check the manual for your flash trigger to see if it can actually do ETTL.

oops so sorry! first time posting and didn't realise you can't click to enlarge a photo! will change now. thanks!! 


So I need to be in ETTL mode? 

oops so sorry! first time posting and didn't realise you can't click to enlarge a photo! will change now. thanks!!

So I need to be in ETTL mode?

The flash should fire , even if it is in ETTL. 


The only thing that will cause it not to fire is using Liveview. Are you using Liveview?


If you are, you can go into the 6D menu and disable “Silent Shooting” and this will allow the flash trigger to fire in Liveview.

Mike Sowsun

This is what all the forums have been saying but I dont use LiveView so I thought it may be something else. 



I would then make sure the trigger and receiver batteries are fresh. Also try it on another camera. 

Mike Sowsun

It is pretty frustrating! Just changed all the batteries and same thing. Tried M and ETTL.

I have take a video just incase it is something SO simple that I am totally missing it:


Why is there 2 click sounds in the “working” video?


It looks like you have to press the test button twice in order to make it fire. 




Mike Sowsun

I had just fired it so it wasn't ready when I first clicked it

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