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EOS 6D Mark II - Windows 10 RAW preview




First time here; just picked up the EOS 6D Mark II, and thought I might need some expert tutelage.  Smiley Wink


I understand with a new camera model the RAW file format changes. I use Windows 10, which will preview RAW files, but does not display the 6D Mark II files.


Presumably Windows will require an update with some sort of CODEC to display the new RAW files. I'm wondering if anyone can say how and when this might happen. Is it something Canon has to provide, or is it a Microsoft thing?


I used to shoot RAW+Jpeg simply to have a way to identify pics in Explorer. I was glad to upgrade to Win 10 and be able to shoot straight RAW.






I solved the problem (Windows 10, Canon 6D mark 2) using a software called FastPictureViewer Codec Pack of

for 10$
Good luck, good day

Well, it's a full year since I got my 6D MkII, and this still doesn't seem to be resolved, except to purchase a third-party solution. I've removed the "Solution" tag, as I now agree that "no solution" is no solution.


I've tried making various programs the "default" (including DPP4) for opening .CR2 files, and all I get is a generic program icon instead of a thumbnail image, and the preview pane is still blank..


I see similar discussions online about the 5D Mk IV. It's a shame that  there appears to be no effort made to provide a codec to enable this basic functionality,

Try the  FastPictureViewer Codec Pack, it works. ‏‏Canon 6D Mark II.JPG

A 3d party 10$ solution is not a solution.

I agree my 2012 MacBook Pro shows Cr2 files but my surface and Dell OptiPlex cannot. Only problem is MacBook is getting to long in the tooth for editing. DPP4 Works fine and shows everything properly and works well. However file Windows File management and quickly reviewing sure would be nice to have that thumbnail in windows applications. It's amazing that Nikon apps even after removal from Nikon manage to show NEF Nikons raw files in all Microsoft apps. Before installing Nikon Software you can't see NEFs Nikon is changing windows to allow Raw files to be seen why cant Canon?


Hello All,


It doesn't look like a proper answer was ever provided here, but there is a solution for Windows 10 users available. Microsoft has an official "Raw Image Extension" available in the Windows Store for users working with Raw files.. You can download that using this link - 


Hope this helps everyone! 




Hey, Gamby


I came across that a couple of days ago. It seems that, for now, it is in BETA and only those in the Windows Insider Program can install it. (Requires a special version of Windows)


However, it does appear that this will be part of the next major Windows update. It was being referred to as the April 2019 Update, but now being referred to as the May 2019 UpdateSmiley Wink


Here's a reference I found in some of the info on the Windows update:

  • Native RAW Support: Microsoft is adding native support for the RAW image format often used by professional photographers to Windows 10. Open the Microsoft Store and install the “Raw Image Extension” package to use it. This will enable image thumbnails, previews, and metadata of RAW files in File Explorer. You can also view RAW images in apps like Photos after installing the package.


Either way, we should all be able to get this soon.



Hey Ray,


Yes.. I should have specified that it was stll in Beta. I am actually a MS employee so I do run the Windows 10 Insider builds from the Windows Insider program.  I can validate, however, that I have this installed on my device and I am able to see all of the RAW files(CR2 from my 6D Mark II in file explorer without issue.    Happy days are ahead!  



Why happy days? Unlike the Mac RAW support, this appears to only show the JPEG preview, not the actual RAW data.

I can see all of the RAW data just fine on my Windows 10 PC.. and when everyone takes the update that is coming this month, they will be able to do the same.  Thus.. Happy Days ahead for the Windows 10 users that were asking for this feature.