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EOS 600D with Err 70


Hello community! I have a EOS 600D with an image related malfunction.

The camera make only pure white pictures even with the plastic lock. Normaly i expect black pictures then. So my first thought was the sensor is broken and i ordered a new one and replaced the sensor, but still same issue.

When start the camera, auto focus is working. When i want to change to live picture shows on the LCD display, i get the Err 70 message. On/off as well as change battery does no help in this case. 

I also did a firmware update to 1.0.3 without any changes.

Does anyone have an idea, what i can troubleshoot more?

Thank you





Error 70 means a fault in the image circuitry has been detected. There's a lot more problems going on with your camera. It also sounds like your in The EU since you say "EOS 600D" which in North America was sold as the "Rebel T3i". I don't believe Canon services this camera anymore. You can check with Canon in your country. But repairs for this camera will exceed the value quickly. It may be best to look into replacement at this point.


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