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EOS 5D Mark III Lightroom Issues


I have a very old Mac Book Pro, running on 2 gigs of memory and the last version of software that this Mac will take.  With that being said, is there any Lightroom program I can use to work my files in RAW from my new 5D Mark III?


I travel a lot, so I'd like to be able to use my Mac on the road to see some of my files.


I have a Windows 8 desktop at home and the newest version of Lightroom and Photoshop CC on it.


But for the life of me, I cannot find a Lightroom version that works with the new Raw files this camera puts out.


Any help and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.







What version of the OS do you have?


Adobe applies the Camera RAW updates to the software itself.  Apple applies the Camera RAW updates to the COMPUTER (not the software) and this is because Apple's "Quick Look" feature of Finder, as well as the Preview app, iPhoto, and Aperture all use the _same_ camera RAW library.  That means if you used Aperture, you'd probably have RAW support.  


But the problem with the Aperture approach is that it only works on Mac and you also use Windows 8 -- where your only real option is Lightroom.


Does the MacBook Pro have an Intel Core 2 Duo (must be "Core 2 Duo" and not "Core Duo" -- the difference being that a Core Duo is a 32bit processor and a Core 2 Duo is a 64bit processor.  If so... then you could upgrade to a newer OS (Apple's latest operating system versions require 64 bit processors.)


Tim Campbell
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Can't you just run the Adobe DNG converer?  Or will your computer not support that?

My Mac Book Pro has Version 10.6.8 software on it, and I think it is the end of the line, for that.


My chip is an 1.83 GHz Intel Core Duo, so it is only 32 bit.


Finally, I have only 2GB of Ram on it.


This is not my main computer, I got a new Lenovo recently for all my work, but I would like to see some of my shots,

if at all possible, while I am on the road.


I don't know a thing about converting the files to DNG format, I strictly work in RAW for all my photos.





Got.  Sorry, I’m not an Apple guy, but Tim seems to know his stuff in that field.  I know Apple is a little funky when it comes to what software is allowed and what is not.


As far as DNG, it’s just Adobe’s version of a universal RAW file.   All of the major (and minor) functions of Canon and Nikon’s RAW files are there.  Technically some very minor things such as Nikon’s Active D lighting are stripped out.  If that concerns you I’d recommend researching before using it.  On the pros side, DNG is universal, slightly smaller in file size, and has integrated sidecars.  More importantly, if you converted your RAW to DNG (you can do it on import, but of course it will increase import time) you could use those on your laptop.  But it wouldn’t solve your problem if you wanted to use your laptop to import directly from your camera while traveling.


I haven't used a Mac in a decade or more, but I believe you need Lightroom 4 or 5 to handle 5D III RAW files. Your Mac OS may not be able to handle one of the later versions of LR. You can check the Adobe site for compatibility: which version of LR is needed for 5D III and which version of Mac OS is needed to run that version of LR.


A fairly simple solution would be to shoot RAW + JPEG and only copy the JPEGs to your older computer. Those should be viewable with any version of LR or other s'ware you might have on the computer. You probably wouldn't want to do any serious editing, but at least could check the files. To conserve space, you might set the JPEGs to one of the smaller sizes.


Alan Myers

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I downloaded the free trial version of Lightroom 4, after trying Lightroom 5 and Lightroom 6, and none of them worked.  At least Lightroom 4 loaded, but did not allow the importation of the RAW files.


As bad as I hate to admit it, you might be on to something with shooting RAW + Jpeg files, when I'm out on the road, just to see the files.


Although, very rarely, I would like to upload something while I'm on the road, I guess I could do it in jpeg mode.


Any ideas on where to write to Adobe Lightroom to see if they might have a solution to this?  I know I can't go higher than Lightroom 4, but was really hoping that might do the trick with these new 5D Mark III files.


At least Lightroom 4 loaded, but did not allow the importation of the RAW files."


I don't use a Mac, so that is where I am at, but can't you d/l the Adobe Camera Raw and DNG Converter for Mac's and have it work? It is this plug-in that does the converting not LR itself, at least on Windows machines. I believe the most current is ACR 8.2


You tried Lightroom 6? Smiley Surprised



EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

I can't use any Lightroom version higher than 4.0 due to an old Mac Book Pro.

I could try your suggestion if I just knew where to put the new Raw update in my 4.0 version of Lightroom. I think that would possibly be the solution to my problem.

Are there any Mac users out there that can tell me where to put the newest Raw plug-in into Lightoom?

Use Adobe Application Manager to update ACR to 8.2 (Mac or Win)

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!