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EOS 1300D how connect wifi to


I have just bought an EOS 1300D, and installed the EOS utility on my Windows 10 PC. 


I bought this camera believing that I would be able to tethered it to a PC for remote shooting via WiFi, but to my dismay the only WiFi connect options are:

* Tansfer images to other camera   * Connect to smartphone    * Print    * Upload to Web Service.


The other two options that I had expected are not present, including * Connect to PC, which is what I need.


USB tethering is not an option for me because the camera has to be in a different room.


Any ideas how to get around this?  Would it be possible to fool the camera into thinking my PC was a phone?

If so, is there any software could I run on the PC that would provide tethered shooting facilities similar to (or hopefully better than...) the EOS Utility...?




You might try an EyeFi card:



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With a T6, the problem is probably the RAW file format.  It probably works fine with JPEGs.


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