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EFS 17-85 mm lens won't autofocus


Hi there,

My lens is about 7 years old and had an error recently - "connection problems", but that resolved- lots of fiddling, not sure what made the difference.  Now it won't autofocus - it seeks and seeks.  I've reset the defaults and taken the battery in and out and tried a different battery, but it all makes no difference.

Any ideas?  Could it be because the mirror was possibly moved - does that matter?





Thanks for the reply - it does seem to be a lens problem for sure and may well be something you listed.  I have had a bit of a problem getting a hold of anyone in Canon Services.  I live in B.C. and te only repair location is clear across the country in Ontario, but they don't provide a phone number, just an address.  It would be nice to talk to someone at Canon.  Do you know of any service lines to Canon folks that can answer my questions about whether it is worth it to send away or not?  If it is only$200, I would choose that option.  

I post herewith a link to "Canon canada online repair request" . The quote is $189 plus tax and shipping if it is out of warranty.


Try call to see what they suggest.


6390 Dixie Rd,Mississauga ON, L5T 1P7 


Tel: 905-795-1111






You may also contact :   (they do Canon warranty service and are very helpful when you call to ask for information)


Not sure if there is a Henry's in B.C.  They also repair camera gears. Prices are reasonable.

I just found one in Vancouver listed for local sale. Asking $250. Not sure if I am allowed to post the link here. You may check it out in Kijiji Vancouver or other local sites.


You may then sell your defective lens with full disclosure. People may pay some money for it. Then the investment for a "like mint" 17-85 lens may be much lower than the cost of repair.


BTW, make sure that you know how to test an used lens before you consider to buy.


Or may be you should buy a new Canon lens with warranty for better performance and peace of mind.


Good luck.