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Dust or grease found on new 7D sensor, could not remove it.... Is this common ?

I found what looks like dust or grease on my new 7D sensor, I only have about 200 cycles on camera, I
Could not remove with bulb air blower....
Any body else have seen this issue ? This is my second EOS camera, with no issues after 5-years....
I read about all the issues with assembly grease on the sensors of the Nikon D600.
Any info would be great !!!
I have made arrangements for sending 7D in to Canon for warranty.
I'm not a happy camper right now I have only had the camera 5-days..... 😞
Good day to all !!!!!


I have a 7D and a friend of mine from NPR has two and none of these 7D's have any issues. So, no, I would say it is not "common". It is a pretty small sample, however. I am sure Canon will make it right.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

I didn't think so.......
Thanks for the reply, all send it off today. After talking to Canon service, it was nice it wasn't a phone operator in India or somewhere like that.
The Canon warranty tech on the phone hasn't heard of this issue either......