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Deciding between the R8 and R6 Mark II


Hey yall, like the title says, deciding between the two. My hope is to use this body I buy for the next 5+ years.

I do videography for a college athletic department - basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball/softball, tennis, golf, T&F, etc.

I'll be spending 99% of my time shooting 4K 60fps, and editing that footage for social. With that being said, I'm torn between the R8 and the R6 Mark II. Same sensor, same processor both shoot at the same bitrates and at C-log3, but obviously some different hardware and features.

I've heard overheating when shooting 4K60p can be an issue, and that the R6mII handles it better than the R8. That's really my main concern, especially with shooting outdoor sports and even indoors with games lasting for 2+ hours. Now I'm not rolling the entire time, I actually record for about 2-5 minutes at a time but I don't turn my camera off during games at all.

I know there's a few other things too like batteries/battery-life, IBIS, dual card slots, and prerecord that I could see myself taking advantage of for sure, but is the 1000 dollar price difference gonna make a workflow/qol difference for me? For what I do, are the upgrades on the R6mII over the R8 worth it? I'd love to know yalls take on it



Dual card slots are indeed really nice. Instant backup. Not sure if the R6 II has this feature, but you may be able to record different codecs to each card. That can be very useful if you work with proxy workflows. Main card has your primary footage and second card has a proxy.


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