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Connected my canon to my computer before I installed the software, help please!


I connected my canon rebel T5 to my MacBook Pro before I installed the solution disk, which was a big no no because now I the disk will not work. How do I fix this problem?



There are no drivers for the camera.  The Mac would be able to connect to the camera even if you didn't install any of the supplied software.


The Canon software includes their Image Browser (photo management), Digital Photo Professional (image adjustment software), and EOS Utility (camera control software.)  You aren't required to use the Canon software for your camera (it is nice that they include it.)  


What is the OS version number for your Mac? (Click the black Apple  in the menubar (upper left corner) then choose "About this Mac" to get the version number.)


It may be that the Canon software version supplied with the camera is not compatible with your version of the OS.  Not to worry... you can always download the correct version (and there's probably a newer version availalbe for download anyway.)



Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

I did the same thing with my MacBook Pro. I would like to use the Canon software, how can I fix this problem?

Hi Lalbrecht,

In most cases, there's no harm in connecting your camera before installing the software.  Just install the software as you normally would.

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