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Cant register my serial number EOS 90D


Hi. I've been able to register all my Canon products except my 90D Camera

"The serial number you have entered is invalid for one or more of the following reasons:

1) The serial number does not match the product you have selected (FCC ID which starts with “AZD” is often mistaken for serial number.)
2) The serial number entered indicates this product was not intended for sale in the United States and is ineligible for registration and support in the U.S."

I purchased my new camera from Walmart. I have the invoice. by the way support really stinks. it will not let me ask for support unless I register my product. but what if the issue is unable to register????



Did you purchase it in a brick and mortar Walmart store. Or Walmart Marketplace. If Walmart Marketplace it could be a Gray Market camera which has no warranty in the U.S. at all. Canon USA has the right to refuse repair.


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Lets see if we can help.  Did you camera purchase come with a US Warranty Card in the box?  They vary in colors, but this should have a serial number on it.  How many digits is the number?  Don't post it here, just let us know how many #'s.

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The camera serial number has a digit to indicate the region the camera was sold to. The third character is the region code. The serial number on my EOS 7D Mark II starts 0430 and then there's the rest of the digits. The third character is 3 indicating this camera was intended for sale in Europe.

These are the region code numbers for DSLRs and EOS R cameras.

  • 1 - Japan
  • 2 - America / Canada
  • 3 - Europe
  • 4 - China

Check what you have for the serial number on your camera. If you cannot read the serial number sticker, or are concerned that it has been changed, take a photo and then look at the image info in Digital Photo Professional / Photoshop / Lightroom as they will display the serial number that is saved in the image metadata. 

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